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"E.C." 2 Cycle Engine "TRIX"
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The Greatest Mentor I Never Met
I am the webmaster for SuperHunky.com. I've been riding on the street for about 15 years and playing in the dirt for four or five years. I currently ride an Yamaha XT550 dual sport, a Kawasaki GPz550 on the street and toy around with a bike that resembles a mid-80s KDX and KX powered by a modified K...(more)
Oh Hell !!!...
  Oh Hell !!!... Another "E.C" Trick...   I would dare to say that 90% of you that are Bike Riders and never Looked into Racing a Go-Kart... In short to you a Go-Kart is something you got the Kids to ride in the back yard and piss off the neighbors from the noise... Well if you think that is...(more)
Old Dogs and Dirt...
   "In Go-Karting the 2/cycle classes has some Old Dogs that still slip on boots for a Race or just a Fun Ride"   http://karting.4cycle.com/showthread.php?t=367025   The reason for this post is the link below... In short some are waking up... Big 4 better wake up, or you might find out eat...(more)
E.C. Birt sitting on a log somewhere in the Santa Clarita Sandwash.   " Lets make some Horsepower " Matt asked me to do a thing on Wet bikes … Ok, Wet or Air Cooled it makes no difference they both can use some TLC treatment… Air cooled bikes will go just as fast as a wet bike… The only...(more)