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Ask E.C.
E.C. Birt sitting on a log somewhere in the Santa Clarita Sandwash. "Lets make some Horsepower" Matt asked me to do a thing on Wet bikes. "Ok, Wet or Air Cooled it makes no difference they both can use some TLC treatment, Air cooled bikes will go just as fast as a wet bike

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What The Hell, Another E.C. Trick !!!
"Straining Fuel to Remove Water"… This could be un-needed info for you but; then it just may be something that all of you can gain from and put in your book of trix of going faster and longer for All Racers or just you the Weekend Warrior who goes on that ride with your buddies on the weekend… ...(more)
Vintage Racer, and Restore Help and Info...
  I GOT TO THINKING ON THIS E-MAIL and thought I'd share it with you and the below information... From the looks of their web site may also be able to get you that part or parts THAT can't be found anywhere for your restore project...     Hi E.C. ,,,  Can you supply a OEM looking pipe ...(more)
May be a Problem...
Think I have maybe missed some of your e-mail... lets use this Mule Mail Box now... ecinfo@comcast.net Just "E.C."...(more)
  Hi EC,       When I was a teenager in the Hill's of Pa.  I really didn't know much about dirtbikes. I had only occasionally seen motorcycle magazines and didn't know what was going on in the Dirt bike scene. So with that starts my Zundapp adventure.      One day I was trail rid...(more)
"Shit it could be Worse"
If you don't think it's time to take our Country Back over and VOTE OUT the IDIOTS in Washington come November just open up this link and see for yourself...   http://dailytradealert.com/2010/08/23/this-is-why-there-are-no-jobs-in-america/  just "E.C."   Dear President Obama:      ...(more)