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Dreams, Regrets and No Brakes
Dreams, Regrets and No BrakesBy Matt CuddyI seem to have some curse placed upon me that involves the brakes on any number of motorized vehicles. Fist was at the tender age of fifteen, when my Grandpa would give me the keys to his ‘68 GTO, and asked me not to “Tear the tires off it.”His GTO had the h...(more)
Ah, 1983. What a year to be alive!
The BLM weasels weren't active yet, big four stroke twins were still roaming the desert, looking for a 2 stroke meal, men in their 70's, still at it.Honda came out with the CR480R, and it blew everything off the track, me included. If you could get away with it, or ride through the headshake, it was...(more)
 Everyone knows they can't work, right? And everyone also knows that the lighter, smaller bikes usually turn the fastest lap times at many tracks. So why does a 760 Maico even exist in the first place?Consider it a noble experiment, if you will. The Maico engineers were a proud, arrogant lot and th...(more)
CRASHING is not fun.
CRASHING is not fun. After a long hiatus from superhunky.com, I had time to think about my past, and what a big mess it was. I have lived on two wheels most of my life, be it on bicycles, mini-bikes, horribly unreliable small European motorcycles and anvil like Yamaha dirt bikes.Now between all the...(more)
Testing Testing 123
Stay tuned for some great new articles and bike tests! As soon as we figure out this article editor. ...(more)
HEY GUYS Are we ever going to see the return of two strokes to motocross? I mean, when you turn on the TV all you see are four strokes. Have you priced one of those lateltly. I was lookin at a 450 Honda the other day and they wanted 11 plus for it. So what’s the deal? Barry in Michigan ...(more)
INTERVIEW WITH A LEGEND   THE PLASTIC MAN SPEAKS OUT   Preston Petty   By Matt Cuddy   It’s like sitting with Thomas Edison. It was bench racing with an old friend. It was being taught how an internal combustion engine works by your Grandfather. It was like that, and a lot more.   ...(more)
My first bike. We all have our “first bike” memories; Of riding places we shouldn’t have ridden. Being broke down in strange towns, miles away from home. Odd tricks that made the bike move forward, instead of pushing it forward by hand. That made the bike “special” to us, and the stuff we...(more)
The Worst Motorcycles I’ve ever owned. In my 40 plus years of riding motorcycles, I’ve owned some real turkeys.  Oh sure, most of the early Japanese enduro and MX bikes handled terrible, but they were reliable as an anvil. European bikes were good, and we knew which ones to avoid. But lurking ...(more)