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By Matt Cuddy

Well it looks like things can’t get any worse on the open class four stroke fiasco, did I say open class? Silly me, weren’t these 450’s supposed to race in the 250 class? Or was I just dreaming?

One can understand why Honda made the change to a four stroke configuration, and forced the other OEMs into doing the same. And we’ve tried to explain why they did it, up to a point. That point becomes fuzzy, and after a while there has to be some reason it happened. 

Take a look behind the scenes, and perhaps a more insidious plot has been hatched by Honda, one that involves big pay offs to environmental groups, in an effort to “Be Green” and gain acceptance by the environmental Nazis who run the show now, after the last election.

In part six we will take a good long look at where Honda has been making contributions, and what these “acts of contrition” by the biggest motorcycle maker on Earth signal for the sport of off-road riding. Remember, they said they'd never get into politics in the USA, but the infamous "Mountain Lion Act" invalidates that statement.

Stick around, we might just piss some people off with this one.