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By Matt Cuddy


Looks like development work on the baddest YZ250 the world has ever seen is about to see the light of day at Red Budd Michigan in a week or so, where Project Team Two 50 will pit their untra-trick YZ250 Two Stroke against the thundering hords of powerful but fragile 450cc four strokes in direct competition. Here's what John Nichols, team manager has to say about all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this nobel quest:

John writes: "We have had a very interesting few weeks to say the least!! This morning I am writing to you from Rockford Illinois, later this afternoon we will be heading out to Red Bud for our very first race against the 450 four-strokes.

We have been working so hard to get everything together, in reality we are still not 100% ready, but we need to get out there to see where we are.

Did some testing yesterday at Byron Motosports Park, using different head design combinations. We feel we have found the one that will be best for Mike at Red Bud.

I posted an article on my site yesterday that you may want to read and watch the enclosed video.... I'm sure there will be some skeptics, but I can assure you that this works.


Over the past 5 or 6 years Craig has faced some serious challenges from folks that don't want to see this stuff get out into the general public. He is not one of those aggressive marketing type trying to make big bucks... he let's people try for themselves and decide.

In fact he out of all the people on the team feels the most pressure, if the engine fails, he is the one that will look bad!


One of the other benefits of the MicroBlue coating is that when parts have been treated, they do not wear out. As you could imagine, that would be a big deal for the average off-road rider!

We are still testing this stuff on the Project Two 50 bike. Sort of a torture test... to ensure that this is indeed the case.

We are very excited about getting over to Red Bud!!"

So are we John, and we wish you all the best in this giant endevour. You guys are doing research the big bike companies either rufuse to do, or can't, because of environmental wackos who have put the two stroke right up there with DDT, Asbestos and Red Dye No.5. Go get em'!

What Team Two 50 has done reads like a NASA project. This goes far beyond winning races, it is opening up new technologies that (hopefully) will save the sport for regular guys who love to race, and win, but can't afford it anymore because of the "works" four strikers that need a squad of team mechanics, a rolling machine shop and unlimited supplies of replacement motors.
I wish I could fly out to Michigan to see you race. I know you will eventually prevail, but always remember the road you have chosen is filled with setbacks and potholes that lesser men wouldn't even attempt to travel. I wish you and your team the best of luck and results, what you are doing is something nobel in nature, you should all be very proud.
Now go get 'em!