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Mr. Know It All

Garelli 150 parts problem

Get 3 sticks of dynamite....

By vic krause

Mr. Know It All,
I have a 1972 Girelli Gladiator Scrambler 150cc dual sport bike that I'm having problems finding parts for. What I need is the entire crankshaft assembly, along with various valve train bits and pcs. As you know, the Gladiator had a 4 quart wet sump motor, and used woodruf keys to hold the clutch to the crankshaft, on the right side of the motor. I'm trying to find a clutch hub too, since the one that came with the bike got ruined when my brother tried to remove it with a hammer and a coal chisel.
Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
Dave Bickers
Sommerset Maugham
Great Britan
Garelli 150 Gladiator_530.jpg
Well "Dave" (if that is indeed your name) there are a few things you should know about the fabled Garelli 150 Gladiator Scrambler, one is that the Garelli was one of the most unreliable dual sport motorcycles to come out of Italy, and hasn't been produced in over thirty years or more. How you came about owning one is anybody's guess.
The Garelli was plauged with inferior materials and workmanship, one being the thirty pound clutch assembly that hung off the right side of the crankshaft, and was held in with two woodruf keys and a 13mm nut. Usually the nut would loosen up, and ruin the keyway in the right side of the crankshaft, and render the whole assembly useless, since it was a built up crankshaft, beaten together with a brass hammer and a lot of cursing.
Your best bet would be to dump that pile of dung on the market as a parts bike for whatever some poor sap will give you for it, and then move to another part of the country before vengence takes its natural course.
You really should have known. And please don't send me any more emails that have anything to do with a Garelli of any kind. Feh, fie and pox.
Rondo Talbot