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By E.C. Birt

  I GOT TO THINKING ON THIS E-MAIL and thought I'd share it with you and the below information... From the looks of their web site may also be able to get you that part or parts THAT can't be found anywhere for your restore project...  
Hi E.C. ,,,  Can you supply a OEM looking pipe for a Tyran 125MX?  No silencer, its a restore job.
Mike Hanlon
No... Long Time ago hung up my welder... I worked with and had John build all my pipes from 1974
up into the mid 80's... Just didn't have time to run a pipe shop and build E.C. Works Racers at that time... But John can handle the project, if he can't God don't want you to have it... So if your in the World of Vintage Racing this is the place to go... His workman ship is flawless... If he doesn't have a jig made for your bike needs, just maybe you can have him make you the needed cones and all the parts necessary in a Do It Yourself Kit...
By the way, tell John Hi for me...
Jemco -  Call John Easton at JEMCO (713) 461-3834 in the US

Jemco Exhaust Systems
(713) 461-3834
1919 Blalock Rd # B
Houston, TX 77080

Just "E.C."