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Mr. Know It All

Thanks for the Memories


By Rondo Talbot


I ran across this website and have a few comments.

 1.       I was an avid Dirt Bike reader in elementary school and dreamed of owning the 1984 CR80s shown in your full page ads.  This, of course, made me a hated mini bike rider (although you’ll be glad to know I could only afford a JT-1 from Chico).

2.       Modern magazine writers suck.  I miss your articles and the old writing styles.

3.       I have always hated PE175s.

4.       I would like to add a powerband to my current SL70.  Can I add two and make it twice as fast?


Yes, I too read Dirt Bike Magazine, but not for fun, I was looking for mistakes, so I could chide that over-stuffed editor what's his face, Super something-or-other. His only saving grace is that he rode a Maico to some degree of alacrity, and he gave me a good deal on advertising.

In your missive you say you hated the PE175? A shame, since it was a nice little motorcycle with excellent inherent good handling qualities. But for someone who is looking to purchase a powerband for his SL70, well, poo poo, the SL70 didn't deserve a powerband, and as it turned out the motor worked real well in wheel chairs.

You really should have known. And thanks for the memories.