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Mr. Know It All



By Rondo Talbot

Dear Mr. Know-it-All
I'm a fan of yours from way back in the day, back when Dirt Bike Magazine was a fun read and infomational,  not just ads and pictures.  That is to say I know enough to duck after I ask my question.  Anyway,  I've got an 82 IT 250 J that doesn't want to go into neutral.  The bike shifts up and down between 1st and second no problem.  I've tried to put it in neutral before coming to a stop, at a stop engine running, and dead engine rocking back and forth.  The last method eventualy  works, but there has to be better way.  I'm old, fat, and take a lot of breaks out on the trail for rest, BS sessions, and piss stops.  Finding neutral quicker would make the latter more relaxing. 
Signed: Prostate Problems    
Dear Mr. Muscrat,
Your question tells us your lack of mechanical sense, but none the less, I will attempt to enlighten you. There are only a couple of choices as far as your elusive neutral goes. Either a worn or bent shift fork, or most likely an issue with the shifting drum detent and the associated spring loaded arm that works in conjunction with the "star" located on the end of the shift drum. You will need to break out your Tonka Toy set and remove vital components such as the clutch cover and the clutch basket to gain access to the affected area. Look for a broken spring, A bent detent roller arm, a loose "star" on the end of the drum and possibly a damaged "fork" that engages the pins of the "star".
This information should keep you occupied for several days and nights. Feel free to get back to us here at Superhunky.com with any further questions or to share with us the final verdict of your malady. 
You really should have known.
Regards, Rondo Talbot