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"E.C." 2 Cycle Engine "TRIX"

Old Dogs and Dirt...

"Pull on those Boots"

By just "E.C."

   "In Go-Karting the 2/cycle classes has some Old Dogs that still slip on boots for a Race or just a Fun Ride"
The reason for this post is the link below... In short some are waking up... Big 4 better wake up, or you might find out eating those money pits your trying to force everyone to buy may not taste to good...
2 cycle making a comeback

I rode 250cc two-strokes since the seventies. Laid off for a number of years then bought a Honda CRF450x for riding the desert a year ago. It is a nice bike but it is big and heavy. Fourty pounds heavier than my last 250 2-stroke enduro. You definitely have to muscle it around.
It is time to do the top end on it and the quotes I'm getting are outrageous. I told my riding buddy who is in the same position with his KTM; it's time we learn how to do it ourselves. I never hesitated putting pistons and rings in my 2-strokes but this seems a little daunting.

E.C. said it best on his website when he said stated, "the AMA has done more to Destroy Amateur Motorcycle Racing in America with their support of four-stroke class structure". I'm paraphrasing and don't remember his exact words but the intent is the same.
just "E.C."