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Leakers, shakers, spoke breakers...

By Matt Cuddy

What’s your favorite dirt bike?

As one who has owned, rode, cursed, set on fire, coveted and hated hundreds of dirt bikes, I have some distinct memories both good and bad of dirt bikes over the past 30 or so years. Some were superb handling hand grenades you could get just a few rides out of before the bike exploded, and some were horrible handling tanks that never quit, even after being submerged in twenty feet of water, and salvaged a week later. I was just wondering what you considered the best dirt bike you ever owned?

For me it’s a toss up between a 1976 360 Pursang JPR, and my trusty, rusty 1987 Honda CR500R.

So let us know what your favorite bike is, along with a picture if you have one. Send your email responses to either Rick or myself at:




They will all be reviewed and put in a giant presentation for all to read and see on our website once we get enough.

And if you make a real special presentation on your favorite bike, there just might be a prize for you.



Matt & Rick