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By Matt Cuddy

Mike's 175.jpg

My name is Mike McKinley, and i'm from the province of New Brunswick in Canada. i have owned just over one hundred motorcycles, most of them dirt or enduro, and wih the exception of a few can-ams, the rest were japanese.

We never had the dealer networks like you did in the U.S.A. therefore, maico's, huskys, cz, bultaco, montesa, and most ofthe brands familiar to you, we got to read about in dirt bike magazine and drool over. 

The terrain here is much different from where you live, and big bore enduro's and mx bikes were never of much use. my favorite was my 82 kawasaki ke 175. i rode it year round in the woods and on the road in snow, ice, mud rocks, sand, bogs, and just about anything i could throw at it. it was mostly stock with the exception of the tires, simple to work on, made good useable power, and never left me stranded.

The fact is, i never should have sold it, but if it ever turn up, she's mine again. i hope you aren't laughing too hard at the idea of a ke175 being a favorite, but as stated above, here is was a choice of what was available. a picture of the old girl is attached. you and hunk have a great website, which i read often...keep up the good work and keep the old iron alive!!!