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By Matt Cuddy




About a week ago we received an email from Revanche2strokes concerning one of our greatest concerns, the fate of the off-road motorcycle, and the sport it generates.

Another ally in our war against the overpriced, highly volatile, expensive to own and operate four stroke dirt bike, Revanche is taking it one step farther up the scale and producing wearing apparel that, in no mincing words, tells it like it is where competition off-road motorcycles and their riders live.  

It seems the sport we love, and pay big bucks to compete in, has been knocked off-track by the swan song of “environmental friendliness”. Oh no, you don’t want to ride that old Smokey two cycle that you can fix yourself with a pair of vice grips and a worn out screwdriver, no no, you want one of these new environmentally friendly four stroke machines that are complicated to the point of insanity, that you have to take to the shop every few weeks to get the valves adjusted, etc. eventually leading to a nice three thousand dollar top end job after about 15 hours on the bike, depending how often and how hard you ride it.

Then, after about forty hours the entire motor is junk, along with the cases, and you have to either pony up around six thousand dollars for a new motor, or buy another one. We think not.  

We are glad to see others thinking along the same lines, because no matter how you spell it, an expensive to begin with, and even more expensive to operate four striker is killing the sport we once knew and loved.  

The piston in my 1987 CR500 is eight years old. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, and just for laughs take the top end off (takes about an hour) and check the tolerances on the Wiseco piston I installed in 2003. Hmmmm, looks pretty good, even the ring gap is well within specs. On 32 to 1 Yamalube R, it might last, well at least another few years, because I don’t ride slow. With a fifteen tooth countershaft sprocket and a 47 tooth rear sprocket it tops out at well over ninety miles an hour and the port job didn’t hurt either (hear that all you KTM 525’s?).  

So while the industry takes its lumps in new four year old Honda CRF450’s sitting on the showroom floor, I’ll just have fun riding my old ratty CR500  and eventually have to make parts for it myself.

See, I don’t care. I like making pipe hangers out of curtain rod and hose clamps.  

We would like you to visit our comrade in arms web site, please go to www.Revanche2strokes.com and check out the t-shorts, hoodies and other trick pit wear as they bring truth to the plight of the two stroke, you can help by purchasing some pro-two cycle clothing to wear around the house, to work, even get a giant XXXLLL one for a night shirt. It’s all for a good cause, the re-birth of the two stroke, because it’s right around the corner.