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By Lou Vogel



In the last few weeks, we’ve received a number of emails addressed to our site and they were complaining bitterly about the fact that we were advertising Lou Vogel’s book, Hunting The Left.  None of the people who wrote the emails have read the book, but they are anti-second amendment and don’t like guns at all. 


I have read Lou’s book, and found it absolutely amazing! Sure, it’s more than a bit on the radical side, but there are things in there that are hard to argue with. The people who wrote these emails literally said that Lou Vogel had no First Amendment rights to free speech. That’s what it boiled down to. I shared their comments with Lou, and in his own no holds barred style, he laid it on the line. Normally, we don’t run profanity, but in this case I think we’ll make an exception.




Hi, my name is Lou Vogel, and Rick has been telling me he's been catching a lot of shit off you liberal pansie dirt bikers (who probably ride a quad) about the content of my book "Hunting The Left."


First, a little background on me, the author. I was born in the Bronx, New York in 1937, making me 76 years old. I'm Jewish, fought in the six day war in 1967, when those Arab shitheads tried to invade Israel, and shot at least fifty or so of those ass-fuckers with my weapon of choice, the FN49, chambered in 8mm Mauser. Quite a rifle. Left a nice big hole.


Now for all you left leaning dirt bikers who never had to fight for your freedom, I wrote the book as some sort of retaliation against what I see as the turning of America into a bunch of surrender monkeys like the French. All you dumb shits are worried about is if you've got a nice haircut, and that miserable four stroke Honda CRF450 you bought used doesn't blow up again, effectively draining your bank account.


So get off your dead ass and take a good look around you. Like what you see? No? Well, that's good, and is the first part of what I call "self realization" that the country you use to love (and not care that much about, because everything was going so fucking damn good) is rapidly going straight down the tubes, thanks to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her minions. Just remember, once this place is trashed, and resembles some hellish version of Canada, where are you going to go? Mexico? Brazil? Nope, once the USA is gone, it's over, and the closest you'll get to riding a dirt bike again will be in some pathetic video game, after the safety Nazis have shut down all the public land because you were too busy waking up from one too many hangovers, trying to drink yourself to death, after losing your job at the supermarket in the produce department.


See, there is still this little thing call the 1st amendment that guarantees freedom of speech. So, since Rich was kind enough to advertise my book on his website, stop giving him shit about it. You don't like the book, you don't have to read it. That's the nice thing about living in a free country (for now anyway), if you don't like something, a book, a car, a dirt bike, a television program, a political party, you can say fuck it, and have another choice. Now for how long you can have this "freedom of choice" is any body's guess, since we're rapidly turning into a commie regime, with czars for this, czars for that. Un-elected bozos who are pulling the strings now, shutting down what was once the United States. And Freedom.


It's called being in the right place at the right time. For me, I'm going back to Israel, where at least I can go off in the boonies and ride my Aprilla, or shoot my rifle without some geek in a BLM truck handcuffing me to a yucca tree, and calling in for reinforcements. And if some Palestinian creep tries to blow me up with an IED, I can shoot that cocksucker full of 30 caliber holes, and go on about my business.


Have fun you pathetic wanna-be dirt bikers, with your leftist politics. I'm loading up the trailer and going for a ride. And if you don't stop giving Super Hunky gas for advertising my book, there just might be an old beat-up Dodge pick up looming up in your rear view. That you don't want to mess with. Believe me.