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SuperHunky.com Authors

Rick Sieman
Rick Sieman was born in Pennsylvania in 1940, grew up in Ohio, and immediately upon graduation, joined the Navy. His naval highlight was being on the shakedown cruise on the first nuclear carrier, the Enterprise. His life-long love affair with motorcycles started in 1959 with the purc...(more)
Matt Cuddy
Matthew Steven Cuddy was born in Los Angeles, California in September of 1958. Fascinated by machinery, at the tender age of ten, Matt built his first motorized vehicle from an upside-down tricycle, and a 2 horsepower cast-iron Briggs & Stratton lawnmower motor. That was Matt's first exposure t...(more)
Karl Kittler
I am the webmaster for SuperHunky.com. I've been riding on the street for about 15 years and playing in the dirt for four or five years. I currently ride an Yamaha XT550 dual sport, a Kawasaki GPz550 on the street and toy around with a bike that resembles a mid-80s KDX and KX powered by a modified ...(more)
E.C. Birt
1939-2012 "Old two stroke tuners never die; they just grind away". E.C. Birt passed on March 7, 2012 Who in the hell is E.C. Birt? Well I'm the 1st born son of an honest to God cowboy in Panhandle of Oklahoma in 1939 that punched cows for $20.00 a month plus house and board... My mother was ...(more)