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Rick Sieman

Rick Sieman

Rick Sieman was born in Pennsylvania in 1940, grew up in Ohio, and immediately upon graduation, joined the Navy. His naval highlight was being on the shakedown cruise on the first nuclear carrier, the Enterprise. His life-long love affair with motorcycles started in 1959 with the purchase of his first bike. After four years in the service, he spent a year wandering around the United States and Mexico.

A skilled sign painter, Rick made his living at this, and many odd jobs, including planting dynamite sticks for a seismic oil exploring team, and instructing swimming and fitness classes. He started his own sign painting business in Ohio in the early '60s.

During this time, he competed in Olympic weight lifting, and set numerous state and regional records in the 198 pound class. He also renewed his interest in bikes, and competed in drag racing, scrambles and enduros.

In 1968, Rick headed for California, with a 1965 Bultaco Metisse strapped on the back of his station wagon. A career in journalism followed.  First Dirt Bike Magazine, then Modern Cycle, then back to Dirt Bike, then Off-Road, followed by Old Bike Journal and Off-road.com.

Highlights of his racing career include three Number One plates in District 37 motocross - 1984, '85 and '86. In 1986, he won Class 14 in the SCORE Baja 1000 at the wheel of an Isuzu Trooper. Since then, he competed as a professional off-road racer in Class 3 and Class 4 in a Ford truck. His dirt bike racing is limited to a few vintage events each year.

A resident of Baja for 15 years, Rick could be seen riding his highly modified '59 Triumph TR-6, or his KDX-200, on the remote traits of that beautiful peninsula.  Rick is now a resident of Arizona and still rides.

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